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By the grace of ALLAH (SWT) the Almighty and the benevolence of Prophet Mohammad (Sallal-laho Alaihe Wa Alehi Wasallam), We have been able to present Website about Islam information.

Islamic education is an integral part of our Religion. Being a Muslim we must have an information about Islam. The objective is not just to gain knowledge, but we will act upon the golden principles of Islam and pass on to every individual on this earth. In this website all the Articles are deeply concerned with Islam. The information presented here are all related to Islam. This Website has some sort of features which are under- mentioned;


1) A level of presentation which carefully develops and reinforces topics.      

2) A style given to Articles is very remarkable and provides a great deal of visual reinforcement.                                  

3) An applied orientation which motivates people and provides a sense of purpose for studying Islam.                                            

4) An approach which first develops the Islamic concept and then reinforces with applications.                                  

5) Points for thoughts and discussion which allow people to reconsider a concept or example from a different perspective. The purpose is to reinforce and extend the people’s understanding including critical thinking.


 Mistakes are accepted, if we have committed mistakes please try to inform us so that no error may occur in upcoming Articles.  We wish you best of luck.

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