How did Islam spread “And indeed, you are of a great moral character” (Qur’an 68:4) 


“And indeed, you are of a great moral character” (Qur’an 68:4)


  How did Islam spread“And indeed, you are of a great moral character” (Qur’an 68:4)

Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the latter day and remembers Allah much.” (Qur’an 33:21)

Another charge leveled against the followers of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is that they had spread Islam through the power of sword. History stands witness that Muslim rulers never forced their people to convert to Islam.
If Muslim rulers had adopted such questionable means, then after nearly 1000 years Muslim rule in India, Muslims would not have been in a minority. If such a policy was indeed used, then the slave of The second caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) would not have been a Christian till the caliph’s death. No one forced him to change his religion.
If we study the history of the battles fought by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) during his life-time we find that in all these battles fought only 759 non-Muslims were killed while 259 Muslims were martyred. This leaves us with  a total of 1018 causalities in all those battles.
Such a low causality during the greatest revolution in human history proves that it was a bloodless revolution. We have seen that in the French and Russian revolutions millions of people lost their lives. In the light of such historical facts, it is hard to accept the tendentious view of some anti-Islam propagandists that the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) accomplished his mission by the power of sword.
An analysis of all the battles fought by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and Muslims during the last 1000 years will be revealing and surprising. During wars spread over these one thousand years Muslims did not kill even a fraction of the casualties of European, American, Christians and Jews wars.
During each of the first and second wars alone around 80 million people were killed while the injured may be counted in hundreds of millions. When the followers of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) were living in peace and were engaged in spreading knowledge of science and mathematics, Europe was fighting senseless wars spanning over thirty years.
Uncounted people were killed during pre- and post- French Revolution. Millions were killed in Vietnam, Cambodia, Yugoslavia and Chechnya. About 7.5 million people were killed during the Chinese Civil War (1927-1949),about 5 to 10 lakh people were killed in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939),about 5 lakh people were killed in the Angolan Civil War (1975-2000),
about 2 to 8  lakh people died during the Warlord Era in China (1916-1928) and in Vietnam war about 8 lakh to 3.1 million men, women and children were killed.
The total number of the injured during these conflicts may be imagined looking at the numbers of the fatalities. All this was the end result of the wars fought by Christians, Jews and Communists. Islam or its followers had no hand in these killings.
Leaving old history, we see that after the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey (1924), Muslims became weak in all matters while Christians and Jews registered tremendous growth in power.
Communism which had triumphed after a lot of blood-shedding, finally collapsed in 1990.But Christian and Jewish sway has not stopped the spread of Islam.
Reports of electronic and prints media and research data suggest that Islam is fast spreading all over the globe. In Europe and America, large numbers of people are embracing Islam. France and UK are not far behind.
According to a recent report, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In 1990,935 million people were Muslims and this figure rose to around 1.2 billion by 2000 which meant that around one in five people in the world follow Islam. Although Islam started in Arabia but by 2002,80% of the believers in Islam lived outside the Arab world.
In the period 1990-2000, approximately 12.5 million more people converted to Islam than to Christianity. According to Reader’s Digest Almanac Year Book, Islam grew by 235% in 50 years between 1934-1984.
According to a report on CNN,”the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam is also the fastest growing religion. In the United States, for example nearly 80% of more than 1200 Masjids have been built in the past 12 years.
Some scholars see an emerging Muslims renaissance as Islam takes root in many traditional communities. Islam has drawn converts from all walk of life, most notably African-Americans and people of Spanish origin in the USA.
These developments suggest that teachings of Islam are for all mankind forever and that people are embracing it through their free will even when Islam is weak and being attacked.
A non-Muslim scholar, Michael Hart, has given befitting reply to those who accuse the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in various ways. He has compiled a list of a hundred most respected, powerful, kind and successful men throughout history. He put the name of the Holy Prophet Mohammad ( SAW) on top of his list.

Galaxy of Political Leader

Hart is, no doubt, a committed Christian but his assessment is based upon strict criteria. As a result, he accorded the first place to the Holy Prophet, (Hazrat Mohammad SAW) of Islam in the galaxy of political leader, messengers, scientists, philosophers, thinkers and reformers of the world.


He devoted the opening chapter of his book to the Holy prophet, under scoring, as it does the dominance of the Holy Prophet’s position in human history. Another equally significant point is that Hart is a scientist by profession.

However,rejecting their claim to primacy , he presents Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) as the most influential figure in human history. In his entire book, only two Muslims have figuresd,one is Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) and the other is Hazrat Umar Farooq(RA) whom he placed 52 in his book.

So it is cleared and true that Islam spread due to the character of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW).


Study and analysis indicate that Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) had brought a message of love and peace for whole of mankind and world for all time to come.
The world is facing violence, disturbances, disruptions and deprivations because people are not following teachings of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and Islam.
If the world dreams of a peaceful, hospitable and affectionate tomorrow then we all must embark upon the path shown by Islam and Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW).
Written By:
         Syed Ihtisham Ulhaq Bin Syed  Maulana Muhammad khwaja Din

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