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Memory is the sum total of what we remember, and gives us the ability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships.

Memory is ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling to mind previously learning facts, experiences, impressions, skills, and habits.

How to improve memory for students

Here different questions rise like why memory is important?

Why we remember?

Why we forget?

Let me give answer to the first question;

Memory plays a big role in our life. It allows us to remember skills we have learned, or retrieve information that is stored in our brain, or recall  precious moments occurred in past. Memory also recognizes information when we retrieve, we can apply information in the proper context, able to use it in the current activity we are involved in. In general we use short term memory to recall information we have learned very recently. Long term memory is used to recall information we have learned anytime in the recent past to childhood.

In short we can say that without memory a human can not do anything because each and every thing we do depend upon our memory whether short or long.

Another question rises here

Why we remember and forget ?

Some other related questions also rise like we do not remember last week event but we do remember specific events happened 15 years back. Even we do not remember what we ate the day before yesterday at dinner but we do remember criticism some one criticized harshly last month. Why this happens?

There was some reasons which compel us to remember or forget certain things. These reasons are given under-mentioned;

(1) *Thinking pattern and forgetting*:-

You might have noticed when someone has irregular thinking pattern, he oftenly forgets things because his or her conscious part of mind does not exist at present. That person does not focus on that specific person or activity or happening event that’s why he or she forgets.

(2) *Motive*:-

When you have motives in your life, you will not forget that specific part related to your motives. How?

If you are intended to join business meeting going to happen after a month , you prepare yourself and start preparation because you have some sort of motives which you will achieve from meeting. So search a purpose or motive why you are going to do?

What sort of results you will get ?

These all questions will help you to remember specific and important things.

(03) *Uncompleted Tasks*:-

When we start some tasks but do not complete those tasks because of any sort of reason. When we leave a task in the mid, we remember those semi-finished tasks but forget about completed tasks.

The answer according to Psychology is ; our sub-conscious mind becomes concerned about it so it reminds us every now and then. The same exactly goes for unsolved life problems. That’s why we become worried and feel anxious.

(04) *Belief and Your Memory*:-

Your belief also affects your memory if you are self-confident, having positive belief about yourself. You remember those events which are considered golden moments of your life because you have strong and positive belief,and  vice versa.Therefore, we should have good and positive believes so that we remember all good events.Islamic Wedding Dresses

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(05) *Emotional pains*:-

If you still suffer because of something happened to you in the past. Certainly these bad feelings will make you keep remembering that event. That’s why childhood memories of abuse seen never fade away.

Beside all these points other reasons may also be applied.

After first segment we are going to second segment which consists of different parts and sub-parts. These all different parts will help reader to make an understand memory, building a better memory and many more important topics.

              *PART # 01*


Memories make us who we are today. We are built of blocks of memories that all fit together to form our consciousness.

How can we greet or say hello to someone ?

The way it feels to be you – your hopes expectations and fears —– are all built upon what you have experienced before.

It is common for people to suppose memory is simply remembering what you had for breakfast, or that home run you made in school, or when you had your first particular meeting. Indeed, it is that, but it is so much more. So, if everything is based on past memories how can we experience anything new?

We experience new things because of imagination and thinking power.

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             *PART # 02*


For building a better memory, we will have to train our brain. Understanding how recall works. It is the job of neuroscience, but there are plenty of tricks, foods and exercises that may help to protect your memory from decline. In this part, we are going to present some sort of tests, and activities which will be helpful in building a better memory.


                                       • Try to name 50 states in six-minutes.

          Can you?

I hope you will pass this test. Anyhow, it depends on your practice.


Most of us will be from your teens or 20s, when we try big things for the first time.

1) ————————

2) ————————

3) ————————

4) ————————

5) ————————

6) ————————

7) ————————

8) ————————

9) ————————–

10) ————————-

11) ————————–

12) —————————


 In fact, meditation has been shown to increase gray matter in the brain. Gray matter contains neuron cell bodies.

Meditation and relaxation techniques have been shown to improve short-term memory in people of all ages, from people in their 20s to be elderly.


Exercise is very important for overall physical and mental health. Research has established that it is beneficial for the brain and may help improve memory in all ages from children to older adults.

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      *PART # 03*


We all have equal time.We all have 24 hours a day. But why some people are more successful than others?

It is all about time management and mind management. All successful people manage their time in efficient way and they also manage their mind —– what to do and what not to do.

For the betterment of time and mind management I suggest you three questions that you should ask yourself.

How to achieve Success in life

Q1: What kind of work activity do I need to do right now?

Q2:- Which kind of mental state am I in right now?

Q3:-  What can I better perform in this mental state right now?

 The above mentioned questions will help you in mind management. Beside these, some other tips are given under-mentioned for Mind management.


Try to adopt planning habit. Make bullet point list of everything going on in the upcoming week.


 It is also one sort of skill.Make prioritization in your daily activities. It will make you able to accomplish all your important tasks.


Set smart goals. 


S= Specific

M= Measurable

A= Attainable

R= Realistic

T= Time-frame.

Without a clear goal in mind, your brain won’t produce enough dopamine to motivate you to start.


By practicing mindfulness, you can also manage your mind.

     *PART # 04*


Imagination plays an important role in memory because imagination is the ability to produce and simulate objects, peoples and ideas in the mind without any immediate input of the senses. Imagination is a cognitive process used in mental functioning and sometimes used in conjunction with psychological imagery. It is considered as such because it involves thinking about possibilities. 

In this series, some important tips are given regarding imagination.

✓ *Visualise your success*

✓ *Imagine that you have achieved all success,once you imagined*

✓ *Forget about failure*

✓ *Imagine yourself as a great CEO of a leading company. (Repeat this exercise two to three times a day)*

*PART # 05*


 As it said “what you are today is all because of your thoughts.”

Here a simple example is given; 

before five years what were your thoughts about future?

Now think for a while and through light on your present moments—————

You might have observed you are all today what you were thinking before five years that’s why we should have positive thinking and positive attitude so that we may achieve all sort of success goals. In this part a series of questions are given:

*Why Positive thinking is important*?

The answer is Crystal cleared. Our life is concerned with thinking…….what we think,we get results according to our thinking or cognition.

As it is commonly said thinking leads to an action, actions lead to habits and habits determine your future.

Once former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam said,

“Nobody can change his future if he changes his habits, he can change his future.”

Now it is very much cleared that the basic of habit is thinking that’s why we should try our best level to focus on positive thoughts instead of negative.  

✓ *Some Practical tips to adopt a positive Mindset*:-

(1) Pray five times a day.

(2) Start the day with small    specific and attainable goals.

(3) Start the day with smile

(4) Remove the word “Failure” from your mind.

(5) Always focus on present instead of past or future.

(6) Do not take things so seriously. Put your best then surrender before ALLAH (Subhana Wo Tahala!)

(7) Try to find positive aspects in your challenges.

(8) Connect yourself with Mentors and successful people.

(9) Adapt a habit of reading

(10) Try to connect yourself with Nature especially at morning and evening.

(11) Exercise minimum five days a week.

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*PART # 06*


 In this part we are going to discuss memorization. You might have observed when we meet someone, that person tells his or her name but we forget within one minute. Why this happens?

There are a lot of reasons explain this question but we do not discuss those reasons here. We will only discuss solution to this challenge.

A technique is going to discuss here where you will be able to remember names and even faces. This technique is so powerful because it makes you able to remember even you can use it in other areas of your life.

So Are you ready?

Say yes loudly


   *Important Technique*


M= Motivation

O= Observation

M= Mechanics

When you meet someone. Motivate yourself for Meetup. Then keen observe him, and ask yourself why I am going to meet.

Mechanics mean here what sort of profession he or she belongs so that you may not feel difficulty in second meetup.

The second part is:

B= Believe

E= Exercise

S= Say the person name

U= Use the name

A= Ask

V= Visualise

E= End.

 Second part is so much easy. First believe yourself you are valuable person and you can do anything, exercise means to repeat his name in your mind for a while, say the person name and repeat it again and again before him or her wherever it suits, ask him different questions, visualize his personality and at last finish your meetup with his name like good bye Kamran! See you soon.

*PART # 07*


(1) SQ3R Method.

      S= Survey

      Q= Questions

    3R= Read, Recite, and Review.

(2) Motives: 

Set your goals and identify your “why”.

(3) Learn time management skill.

(4) Reinforcement

(5) Serial Production

(6) Method of loci ( place or location)

(7) Visual Imagery

(8) Elaboration

(9) Chunking

(10) Mnemonics ( new info associative with past ).

(11) Whole vs parts

(12) PQRST Method

(13) Asking questions

(14) Recall vs Recognition.

At the end some important book names are given where you can help from these books.

*Some important books*

(1) Mind and Memory Training

By Ernest E. Wood

(2) Speed Memory

By Tony Buzan

(3)  Use your Memory

By Tony Buzan

(4) TIME——- The Science of Memory.

Written By: Syed Ihtisham Ul Haq Bin Mulvi Muh Khwaja Din


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