Importance of life being a Muslim

Importance of life being a Muslim

Life is the mixture of time and distance in philosophical mean, life is everywhere when we notice Plants, animals, and Birds but Human life is different for all of that because of it have to work for survival also drive life by it own way or adopted religious for obligatory.

The human being is the most complex living organism in this universe, also intellectual. It has the capability to think, Questioning by using the brain.

Existence of Nature

Every human being driven there life by its own preference or priority. One thing is clear, the mechanism of this universe is not running itself; supreme power is measuring.

The human being is making machines, technology and also developing world like mega structures but we fail by its self like; we are not making a single human being itself thought formula or mechanism, not a single tree, no animals. Actually nature derives us for example:

when winter comes we are wearing worm clothes not by preference, it’s necessary to do it. When the rain, we will find shades. Therefore, it is not our control and we manipulating ourselves through the changing of Nature.

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Strong characteristic of Muslim

The moral of the above discussion is for clarity of the concept of Human beings toward nature. Now, we start to elaborate on the importance of human life being as a Muslim, Every human being passing their life by different ideologies,

the person who follows The Holy Quran and Muhammad sallaho Alahi Wasalim the messenger of ALLAH, Islam is religious of that person. Muslim is purest form of person because it can maintain all prospective for life, purity of heart and also cleaning itself.

Muhammad sallaho Alahi Wasalim the messenger of ALLAH is very kind full for all human being and also guided for all. They defines life, how to perform every part of life, how to make a better person for another and also represent the only ALLAH. Muslim is superior only for its faith and obligatory not anything else.

Being a Muslim we are responsible for spreading, protecting and also owning our true Islam and try to build a better personality for our society. Muslims must have a good characteristic it ‘self like Honesty is the crucial policy to spend life in an Islamic way because society wants the trusty person to deal with them,

therefore, Muslim people adopt honesty in character not only in the world also by its commitment. Kindness is the best way for expressing loving emotion for family, child and also for society. The person who is kind for all, Allah will kind full for that person it is best for it.

 The Key of Success Knowledge Learning Quran

One of the most important practices in life is to seeking knowledge is compulsory for all Man and women. Contradictory is that what is knowledge? Is it religious or science.

So simple is that First to getting knowledge by Quran and also implemented in daily life, reciting daily and then learn scientific knowledge it’s not an issue, if it is not against the Quran and Sunnah.

Muslims are spreading all over the world, USA, Europe so this type of diverse social atmosphere is making for barrier but Muslims have to concern with our self and to promote Islam. Today in the advancement era people can easily learn Quran Online at home and its comfortable for all, If there is no availability of s at your nearest area.

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Muslims must be united for enhancement for Muslim ummah and too protect all Muslim and Islamic law all over the world. Today at the time conflict, we have to adjoin. Reciting Quran daily for all concentrations try to understand wisely and follow the last messenger of ALLAH; Muhammad Sallaho Alahi Wasalim. 

Written ByMuhammad Haris

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