Top ten essential skills for 21st century

There is very meaningful proverb in English that is “Go with time and tide.”

Here, this proverb means if you adjust yourself according to environment, situation, people and all sort of activities you will become a successful one.

As we all know well that we live in 21st  century, it is necessary to be a parallel personality according to the needs and requirements of this century.It is said that the beauty of this century is Skills development that’s why it is said “21st century is a century of skills not degree” anyway, I did not mean degree is not important, yes it is sure that degree makes you strong and gives you worth but skills makes you competent. 

You might have noticed lot of people who are highly educated but jobless. Here valuable question rises where the degree is?

The answer is very much simple, he has degree but not skills because our education system does not enhance skills they only produce degree-holders.

I think you are still confused what are those skills where a person can compete and win a treasury. I make sure you that improve your skills and make the top 10 skills on priority to be a champion. There are unlimited skills in the world but we only stick with a topic which are top 10 skills.

I want to clarify one more important thing about this article, all sort of skills discussed here are extracted from different websites, books, and other sources and it may be different with other sources where you have approached or determine to approach but similarity to greater extent is always there.

The top 10 skills for 21st century are given under-mentioned.

2) Communication Skills:-

      It is said that  *Communication is a king skill* here make sure communication is not only name of speaking or delivering something before someone but it is also listening, writing and reading as well.

Because of advancement in technology this all world is called global village. In this global village we communicate somewhere through any means. So according to experts the best and understandable definition will be *to convey your message in simple and short words through verbal or written*.

So include a king skill in your life and be a progressive one.

2) Creativity :-

 Creativity is very important for successful life. This skill empowers students to see concepts in a different light, which leads to innovation.Learning creativity as a skill requires someone to understand that “the way things have always been done” may have been best 10 years ago — but someday, that has to change. Creativity is not difficult because it can be learnt. Teach your children a creativity in their childhood, when they grow up they will be  great leaders.But a question rises here how to be creative?

Some tips are for you;

1) *Travel to different places*

2) *Brainstorm while you exercise*

3) *Connect with creative people*

4) *Take a creative course*

5) *Imagine yourself a creative Personality*

6) *Start with a morning free write*

Note:- You may apply or change above mentioned tips according to your age.

3) Innovation :-

      Innovation means to bring something newness in your work. Some tips can be useful for you so have a glance the mentioned tips;

1) *Persue your passion*

2) *Questions everything*

3) *Set up a creative mindset and environment*

4) *Meditate on daily basis*

5) *Expand your mind through knowledge and experiences*.

 There are other lots many techniques where you can be capable to be an innovative person.

Let’s see another skill:

4) Flexibility:-

                          The living standard and contemporary lifestyle are changing, and employers exclusively consider only those folks who can easily flex to the modern working environment. Employers prefer workers who can adapt sufficiently and make a meaningful input and show flexibility.

5) Accountability and Effectiveness :-

   In this growing world you will focus on your work if you are sincere about your success. This fastest and growing world never focus on work-shy so be accountable to yourself and be effective as well.

6) Critical Thinking :-

                        critical thinking is the most important quality for someone to have in life.

In each and every sort of setting, critical thinking is essential to improvement. It’s the mechanism that weeds out problems and replaces them with fruitful endeavors.

So always think about your decisions and ancidents.

7) Collaboration :-

                 Collaboration means getting students to work together, achieve compromises, and get the best possible results from solving a problem. Have a collaboration with your near and colleague one.

8) Social skills :-

                      A social skill is any competence facilitating interaction and communication with others where social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways. The process of learning these skills is called socialization.

social skills are learned behaviors that allow people to achieve social reinforcement. For better future we should learn better social skills.

9) Technology Literacy :- 

                      This is a new one for all of us because the era of technology is not far away. If we through light before 10 to 15 years there was no pure and easily available internet system and technology as today available. From one side we are enough blessed living in such era because of technology and from other side we all are on the point of alarming side again because of technology so we should try to take full advantage from technology and gain technology literacy.

10) Cooperation :-

                   The last but not least that is cooperation. According to one research which was conducted on 5,000 successful people for 5 years. When researchers concluded there was one sentence written These all successful people were cooperative as well. For greater and prolonged success we should be cooperative and being a Muslim it is obligatory to be sincere and cooperative to our another brother.

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          For successful life skills development is very much necessary so be a skillful one and share all your learning with kith and kins and all needy.


     This article is all research based.

Written BySyed Ihtisham Ul Haq Bin Mulvi Muh Khwaja Din

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